Tour Merchandise Advanced

Tour Merchandise Advanced

Designed specifically for the touring entertainment merchandiser,...

Designed specifically for the touring entertainment merchandiser, the Advanced version is an incredible companion to any one's laptop who's doing merchandising on the road.

Whether you're the salesperson or tour manager, the organization and self-calculating features will leave you wondering why you haven't latched onto this before!

When keeping inventory on the road, it's usually divided into two categories: Stock and On-Hand supplies. On-Hand supplies are what you count in that's for sale every day.

Stock is the remaining bulk amount that's kept in the trailer, bus bay, or wherever. This is your Warehouse (Warehouse Stock). No need to wonder when it's time to re-order; the Alert Centre reminds you of this whenever your Stock, On-Hand or Total Inventory (the combination) get below levels that you've set.

The Alert Centre provides three tiers of notices for three types of inventory when it's running low. There are three tiers for Warehouse Stock levels, three for On-Hand Supply levels, and three for a Total Inventory.

You need to know how much you have in Stock, how many you have On-Hand available for sale, and what the total inventory for each product is (the combination).

If you provide 100, 75, and 40 for Stock alert levels, you will have a different message notifying you when that Stock has reached a certain level.

Each tier has a color-coded text message (Alerts = Orange, Cautions = Pink and Warnings = Red). When your stock supply is empty, it tells you that it's been Depleted.

These three notices also apply for your On-Hand supplies and Total Inventory, as stated. There's even a notice to let you know when you've counted more items Out than you counted In (this helps for mis-counted items).

Features Include:* LOADED with Smart Tips * 3-Tiered Alert Centre Matrix for 3 types of inventory* Color-Coded matrix warnings alert of several combinations of low inventory levels* Email the Reconciliation Totals* Auto-Complete typing in fields and menus* Two Sales & Reconciliation printouts* Print manual count-sheets with or without products pre-printed* An endless amount of products can be stored in the database* Print M&IE Reports (track your Federal Per-Diems)* Find a County, Check Domestic & Foreign PD Rates online* Track your Salary, Buyouts, PD, with Running Totals* Store 30 photos a day; View & Print in Biggie-Sizes* Store Venue, Promoter, and Promoter Rep contact information and photos* Store 2 Maps or Photos per Venue* Email or Call the Promoter, Rep or Venue from your computer's software* Open website URL's* And so much more.